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# 9 Dals Långed


# 8 Akvarellmuseet in Skärmhamn, on the .

A Noisy clanking fan outside the restaurant called Water.



# 7 Mannheimers väg in Gothenburg.

A small path tunnel with some kind of condensation.



# 6 The Art school in Gerlesborg.

Silence mixed with bird songs, the ocean, heavy traffic and wind.



# 5 The Pier in Vänersborg.

A mixture of sea and city traffic and urban sounds trafikljud.


# 2-4 Arsenalsgatan, Kungshöjd Göteborg.

Stetoscopic (our own term) sound sigth over a geographically big part in Gothenburg.


# 1 Jazz Club Nefertiti, Hvitfeldtplatsen 6 Gothenburg.

A ventilator system hole in the wall unveil whats happening inside,

but with some kind of filter.



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