Concept manifest:

The term soundspotter is a jocose construction based on words of

soundscape and trainspotter, also familiar to planespotters and trainspotters.

Trainspotters collecting trains!

Soundspotters collecting sounds!



Follow the sound.

Do not let it escape.

No Sound is innocent!


The objective of the Soundspotters project and organisation is as follows:

To point out exciting sound spots in urban environment.

Or if you prefere, to point out spots with exciting sounds elsewhere.

To make a different map.

To change a and make a new order about sounds i general.

Soundspotters extend

to all aspects of sounds and noise, though various people

have particular concentrations of interests:

Urban sounds.

Visiting and mapping soundspots.

Fieldrecordings and documentation.

Soundspotters are nn association for sound, noise and silence.

God save the noise.


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